About me


I am a final year Integrated Master’s student pursuing a major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. My primary research interest lies in the area of deep learning and reinforcement learning and their use in the domains of Causal Inference, Computer Vision, Autonomous Robotics and Natural Language Processing. Advances in machine learning in the last decade have led to a form of “narrow intelligence”, i.e. machine learning models capable of learning from vast amounts of labeled data to performs several tasks such as image classification, action recognition, machine translation, and so on. However, even though some of these algorithms exhibit super-human performances on certain tasks, these systems are extremely brittle in the sense that minimal changes in the input distribution cause them to malfunction and they fail to generalize to unseen scenarios. Hence, I want to do research on developing machine learning algorithms that have “wider intelligence”, i.e. they are able to capture the input distribution and the inherent causal relations that produce the data. Such a system that takes into consideration the causal constraints in the data will help develop generalized algorithms that are robust to slight changes in the input distributions. Also, embedding causality into the algorithm would enable them to generalize to unseen scenarios and not just the provided data distribution.

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